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Skyscraper Building Complex

The height of buildings symbolizes the dream of a city. Ultra-high-speed elevators are not only an accelerator to make this dream come true, but also an integrator of advanced comprehensive technologies. Every ultra-high-speed elevator is a vivid encyclopedia of elevator technologies, among which many classic innovations come from Hitachi.


Contract volume of high-speed elevators in China

Challenges Your Project May Encounter

Product Experience

  • Elevator Waiting

    Requiring a smarter response for peak time to minimize the waiting time.

  • Elevator Call

    Requiring a more efficient elevator call solution and reducing stops and transfers on the way.

  • Elevator Ride

    Requiring higher speed, comfortable and quiet ride environment, and shorter time.

Management & Operation

  • R&D

    Meeting the requirements on high seismic resistance, noise reduction design and green buildings.

  • Construction and Fabrication

    Handling with long construction period, heavy tasks and various installation scenarios flexibly.

  • Operation and Maintenance

    Minimizing the failure rate, reasonably control the maintenance cost, and reducing the customer complaint rate.

Products and Solutions

Industry-LeadingUltra-High-Speed Elevator Solution

  • Leading-edge product R&D and application

  • Efficient high-rise elevator management system

The World's Tallest Elevator Testing Tower*

Global R&D and cutting-edge technology testing platform with a height of 288.8 m, empowering the innovative R&D of Hitachi elevators.

  • 288.8m


  • 273.8m

    Above ground

  • 15m


  • 15

    Test shafts

  • 2.2km

    Total lifting height of all test shafts

  • 250m

    Lifting height of the highest test shaft

*According to Hitachi survey by December 2022

1260 m/min
World's Fastest Elevator Technology

Passed the formal certification of the speed by the National Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and won a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title as the "World's Fastest Elevator" High power performance.

Click the video to experience the world's fastest elevator with Hitachi

  • Innovative High-Power

    Thin permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with the thickness reduced by 10% and the output increased by 1.3 times; parallel-connected variable frequency control and drive technology for significant operation improvement and speed increase.

  • Reliable Safety Performance

    Wire rope made of innovative wear-resistant material with the strength increased by 30%; effective braking at high temperature above 300℃; high precision buffer to ensure the safety of people inside the car.

  • Comfortable Riding Experience

    Patented air pressure adjustment technology for active suppression of tinnitus; active damping guide shoes for regulation of multi-directional extrusion pressure; streamlined capsule structure for ride comfort comparable to high-speed rail.

200% Capacity
Hitachi High-speed Double-deck Elevator Technology

Improving the utilization rate and transportation efficiency of the building, double the number of people transported per unit of time compared with a single-deck elevator, and reduce the number of required shafts.

Hitachi high-speed double-deck elevators have been widely used in these landmark projects. Click here for more details.

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DFRS(Destination Floor Reservation System)

Integrated transfer on the same floor to ensure energy saving and capacity improvement

When passengers enter the elevator lobby, immediately guide the passengers going to the same destination floor to take the elevator on the same floor or the nearest floor.

Click the video to learn more about Hitachi DFRS (Destination Floor Reservation System) technology.

DFRS (Destination Floor Reservation System)

FI-700 group control management system

Passenger traffic forecast analysis, dynamic adjustment of operating path

Intelligent allocation of available elevator resources, significantly reducing the waiting time and guaranteeing a "wait-free" intelligent elevator riding experience.

Click the video to learn more about FI-700 group control technology.

FI-700 group control management system

LEED certification thanks to eco-friendly and energy-saving system

BIVALE building integrated management solution, ensuring efficient security, energy, and equipment management of buildings, and helping to achieve the "Dual Carbon" goals.

We have helped these landmark projects obtain LEED certification. Click here to learn more details.

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Exceeds National StandardsHigh-Quality Escalator Solution

Improves Space Utilization
Innovative Structural Design

Revolutionary technological innovation, optimized structure and dimensions, reduced civil engineering cost, and maximized space utilization.

Combined with Architectural Aesthetics
Various Types of Product Design

Offering a variety of escalator shapes to match the design style of the building, perfectly blend into the surrounding environment and become a part of the architectural aesthetics.

Comprehensive and Reliable
Safety Protection Design

Millimeter-level safety steps, unique rectangular cover, and electronic safety factor 10 times higher than the national standards, ensuring all-around protection.

Service Solutions

Customized Design Service

Hitachi's senior high-end project design team, cooperating with architects and engineers in the early stage and providing pre-integrated design service according to the specific requirements of each project.

Collaborative Large Installation Service

Hitachi's "large installation" team, ensuring construction safety, on-time delivery and high-quality of projects through collaborative time planning, proprietary know-how and advanced installation methods.

Intelligent Maintenance Service

Big data combined with ELECLOUD® cloud service center, ensuring rapid response within 30 min nationwide and 24h uninterrupted effective service.


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