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Corporate Culture

With development for more than 20 years, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. has created brilliant business performance, while having nurtured an excellent corporate culture.

Making progress daily Pursuing excellence restlessly


Making progress daily. Pursuing excellence restlessly

We understand that it is the corporate statement and proposition or the basic position and attitude expressed on major issues.

The corporate commitment represents our basic position and attitude towards development and transformation of the company. It demonstrates our unwavering resolution to fulfill our mission and realize our vision. Our commitment answers a fundamental question - "What is our corporate culture?"

We always maintain the enthusiasm of learning and creativity, refuse to settle for past and current achievements, insist on going one step further than yesterday every day, make constant innovations and breakthroughs, strive for persistent improving, and create excellent products and services.


Contributing to Society with Excellent Products and Services

The corporate mission reveals the fundamental ground on which the company exists and the ultimate goals we strive for.

The central idea of the corporate mission focuses on excellent products and services, which are the foundation of our sustainable operation. Relying on our core business, we are devoted to continuously creating value for the society.



Integrity: We insist on pursuing to be an honest and a responsible enterprise.
Sticking to the principle of integrity, we should be honest and faithful to our work, abide by laws, treat our employees and customers with sincerity, be honest to various difficulties and problems, and strive to become the most trusted partner for your customers, the most trusted employer for our employees, and the most trusted enterprise in the eyes of the public.

Harmony: We advocate teamwork and mutual respect between individuals and organizations to create a harmonious environment in the enterprise.
The company and employees: respect employees' opinions, recognize their values, encourage them to innovate, and pay attention to their needs.
Employees and employees: respect, unite and share with each other in an inclusive environment.
The company and society: provide safe and reliable products and services to society, participate in public welfare undertakings, and promote the progress of social civilization.

Pioneering: We should input unremitting efforts to improve, make constant innovation to surpass ourselves with new achievements.
“开拓”作为核心价值观,要求我们继续发扬创业时期艰苦奋斗、勇于创 新的开拓精神,保持随时可能被超越的危机感,锐意进取,只争朝夕。

Win-win: We insist on achieving a win-win situation among the company, and our shareholders, employees and customers, as well as the whole society.
We always treat stakeholders with common interests as our business partners, trusting each other, helping each other, and being grateful to each other.While promoting development of the company, we are willing to share these fruitful achievements with our shareholders, employees, customers and society.


Innovate to conquer future challengesBecome an industry leader

The corporate vision outlines our future goals and draws a dream blueprint that we strive for and hope to realize ultimately.

The core idea of the corporate vision is that we should make constant innovation to overcome difficulties and create excellence, and become an industry innovator, leading R&D, manufacturing, marketing, after-sales service and all other areas.

Quality Policy

ISO9001 Quality System

Meeting users' new needs through continuous improvement;

Creating more reliable products in a systematic way;

Providing better services with sincerity and enthusiasm.

Environmental Policy

ISO14001 Environmental System

Promoting environmental awareness, make wise use of resources;

Protecting the environment according to law, and make our planet a better place.

OH&S Policy

ISO45001 Employee Protection System

Ensuring safe production through scientific management and preventive measures;

Avoiding accidents based on unified awareness and strict compliance with regulations;

Encouraging participation of all employees to continuously improve their health.

Energy Policy

ISO50001 Energy System

Abiding by laws and regulations and fulfill social responsibilities;

Reducing energy consumption and practice sustainable development.

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