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Hitachi Elevator

Building a safe, secure and comfortable life is our mission
Creating innovation momentums to empower development of cities and buildings

Professionalism·5+1 GlobalR&D System

Establishing a globally leading R&D platform to jointly develop premium elevator products with proprietary intellectual property rights and maximize resource sharing

R&D Centers

  • Asia R&D Center
  • Shanghai R&D Center
  • Motor R&D Center
  • Building Technology R&D Center
  • Escalator R&D Center
  • Japan Mito R&D Center

Car Free Fall Test

The World's Tallest Elevator Testing Tower

  • 288.8m


  • 273.8m

    Above Ground

  • 15m


  • 15

    Test Shafts

  • 2.2km

    Total lifting height of all test shafts

  • 250m

    Lifting height of the highest test shaft

Pilot Test Center
Complete production line and pilot test equipment

Used by the company's R&D Institute to carry out required pilot tests for verification of new products and technological achievements

CNASNational Elevator Laboratories
Complete elevator and component development tests

8 professional laboratories

Driving Cities To Be More Dynamic and Intelligent with Innovative Design

  • 1260m/min

    World's fastest elevator technology Industry-first Postdoctoral scientific research workstation

    *Passed formal certification of speed by the National Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and won a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title as the "World's Fastest Elevator"

* Data statistics are as of December 2022

Coverage· 5+2 Network ManufacturingSystem

Making a comprehensive layout of manufacturing bases, establish an all-around service platform, and providing advanced, high-quality, and reliable products and services

  • Comprehensive Layout
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Digital Intelligent Production

One Millionth Delivery

Building a green manufacturing system to contribute to the "Dual Carbon" goals

  • Green Factory

  • Green Product

  • Green Supply Chain

Digital intelligent production system. Real-time visualized production line
The most automated production line in the industry ensures Hitachi's annual production capacity of more than 120,000 units

  • 17

    automatic production lines

  • 9

    automatic spraying lines

  • 34


Visualized Display of MES Automated Production Management Intelligent System

Ensuring Stable Production and On-time Delivery Based on Reasonable Layout

  • 100%

    IoT-based production

  • 927,000

    Total factory area

  • 138,000+units

    Annual production capacity

  • 5 complete elevator factories + 2 key component factories

    All factories introduced MES system

Excellence·Full Value ChainQuality Assurance System

Establishing a customer-oriented quality assurance system by adhering to Hitachi's "Spirit of Pickiness".

Quality Policy

ISO9001 Quality System

Meeting users' new needs through continuous improvement;

Creating more reliable products in a systematic way;

Providing better services with sincerity and enthusiasm.

Environmental Policy

ISO14001 Environmental System

Promoting environmental awareness, make wise use of resources;

Protecting the environment according to law, and make our planet a better place.

OH&S Policy

ISO45001 Employee Protection System

Ensuring safe production through scientific management and preventive measures;

Avoiding accidents based on unified awareness and strict compliance with regulations;

Encouraging participation of all employees to continuously improve their health.

Energy Policy

ISO50001 Energy System

Abiding by laws and regulations and fulfill social responsibilities;

Reducing energy consumption and practice sustainable development.

Guaranteeing with OEM high-precision intelligent manufacturing and traceability throughout the entire product life cycle

  • Full Quality Traceability

    Each important component is identified with a serial number or QR code

  • 100% Final Inspection

    All measurement data are automatically

  • First Traceability Platforms in China

    Taking the lead in realizing docking and data uploading of the platform system.

Winning Social Trust with Excellent Quality

National Quality Benchmark

National Quality Leading Brand in the Elevator Industry

Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award

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