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Elevator/Escalator Modernization · Meeting Your Modernization Needs

Renewal of vertical transportation systems for existing buildings in the city is closely related to critical issues such as the personal safety of residents, travel efficiency, and value preservation of fixed assets. Actively responding to the call of the country,
Hitachi Elevator is committed to providing a full range of one-stop elevator/escalator modernization services, allowing buildings to be upgraded with the times, rejuvenating urban vitality, and building better livable cities.

All Application Scenarios

Covered by elevator/escalator renewal and modernization solutions


Coverage of renewal and modernization regions

Elevator/Escalator Modernization - Problems You May Face


Different brands of old elevators - how to achieve full coverage

Lack of professional judgment - how to preserve usable parts

Complicated modernization process - how to provide one-stop services

Parallel demands for construction and mobility - how to ensure convenient use of elevators by residents

Provision of challenging after-sales services - how to maintain service standards long term


Taking responsibility for performance indicators and ensure normal operation

Maintaining business operation during modernization and avoid inconvenience to customers

Coordinating with the brand image and adopt a unified decoration style

Minimizing impacts caused by construction and shorten the required construction period

Prioritizing customer experience and provide personalized services

Hitachi Elevator's Elevator/Escalator ModernizationSolutions

  • Elevator Modernization Solutions

    Providing customized renewal and modernization solutions based on all of our available elevator models according to different application scenarios and brand requirements

  • Escalator Modernization Solutions

    Guaranting flexible adaptability to application scenarios in various industries, providing on-demand upgrades based on module combinations, and minimizing impacts caused by modernization construction

  • Intelligent Upgrade Solutions

    Supports intelligent upgrade with high-end configuration according to the latest Chinese standards, and ensures improved quality and ride experience

Introduction of special modernization products independently developed by Hitachi Elevator

  • Overall Refurbishment

    For old elevators needing to be replaced as a whole, you can choose one-stop refurbishment services, which ensures excellent performance comparable to new elevators.

  • Quality Choice

    For old elevators needing to keep components and meet safety standards, you can choose to retain usable parts such as door frames/guide rails to ensure more stable and efficient operation.

  • High Efficiency and Flexibility

    For older elevators on a tight modernization schedule with most components in sound condition, you can retain the maximum number of usable parts to achieve a smooth upgrade in a flexible manner.

  • Intelligent Upgrade

    For older elevators functioning normally, you can upgrade elevators with intelligent functions to improve the quality of life.

  • Preliminary Communication of Requirements

    Communicating with owners before construction to confirm their requirements, and making technical clarification to ensure smooth construction

  • Refined Schedule Planning

    Appointing a dedicated schedule planner to make detailed planning for the construction period and implementation program to minimize impacts caused by construction

  • Phase-based Batch Delivery

    Arranging delivery in batches according to different phases of construction, ensuring on-time coordination and reasonable use of limited storage space

  • Safe Enclosed Construction

    Carrying out construction with standard enclosures and safety guidelines, ensuring safe mobility during construction

  • Strict Dual Acceptance

    Delivering every elevator according to higher standards through dual acceptance conducted by the manufacturer and the government

  • Smooth Handover for Use

    Opening a green channel for acceptance, meeting urgent use demands, and ensuring a smooth handover after maintenance services

  • Original OEM Maintenance

    Providing worry-free maintenance services relying on original spare parts, professional maintenance technicians, digital technology and standardized operations

  • Interconnection with Government IoT

    Cooperating with local governments and property management groups to build elevator maintenance IoTs and promote "on-demand maintenance"

  • AI-based Cloud Data Service

    Establishing a big data center by using IoT technology, enabling cloud-based control of elevators, as well as more accurate, intelligent and comprehensive recording and analysis of elevator operating conditions

  • Ten-year Warranty for Key Components (Maximum)

    Providing worry-free warranty for six key components for a maximum period of 10 years, significantly reducing replacement costs and improve service efficiency


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