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Corporate Social Responsibility


Promoting synergetic development based on digitalization and greenization. Creating a better life driven by technology

Jia Yuhui, President of Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "contributing to society through leading self-developed technology and product development", Hitachi Elevator has built a sophisticated sustainable development system, and taken initiative to promote healthy development of the industry and society by responding to objective considerations of stakeholders in terms of corporate governance, innovative R&D and social responsibility.

In 2022, facing increasingly complex social issues, Hitachi Elevator was able to overcome all these challenges with high agility and flexibility.We have not only enhanced public health prevention and control through digital technologies and solutions, but also leveraged our "5+2" manufacturing network and resilient supply chain to ensure normal operation of various activities and product supply in a timely manner, and do our utmost to protect the lifeline of vertical transportation.Under the grand context of China's "carbon neutrality" goal, Hitachi Elevator attaches great importance to our responsibility of reducing carbon emissions, and integrates the "carbon neutrality" goal into our business development.Relying on Hitachi BIVALE energy visualization management system, we have achieved refined energy management, as well as improved production efficiency and energy utilization. Through continuous development of photovoltaic facilities and gradual transition to renewable energy, we have actively promoted energy conservation and emission reduction in the manufacturing process. Environmental objectives have been taken into priority consideration in the product design stage, aiming to reduce the environmental load in the entire life cycle of products through development and application of elevator energy-saving technologies and efficient building management systems. A series of carbon reduction actions have been carried out through cooperation upstream and downstream, to minimize CO2 emissions in the entire value chain, improve efficiency of environmental governance in the supply chain system, and promote high-quality development of the industry.

In 2023, Hitachi Elevator will continue to focus on technological innovation, empower transformation through "digitization" and "greenization", build a more vibrant building ecosystem, and jointly create a better life.

Sustainable DevelopmentManagement

Sustainable Development Management System

Sustainable development of an enterprise not only refers to achieving its own sustainable operation, but also contributing to sustainability of the society and environment.According to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2023 and China's strategic vision of common prosperity for the society, Hitachi Elevator is committed to upholding the concept of sustainable development, establishing and perfecting the management system, collaborating with customers based on "digital, green and innovative" development, and contributing to a sustainable society and people's happy life.

Management Policy

In order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility in a more systematic and comprehensive manner, Hitachi Elevator has formulated corresponding implementation policies for specific production activities:

  • - Consciousness to fulfill our social responsibility

    - Joint development with partners

    - Recommendations for social contribution activities

  • - Corporate governance and ethics

    - Contribution to society through business activities

    - Information disclosure and communication

  • - Employee rights and benefits protection and career development

    - Promotion of environmental protection activities


At present, ecological development, green and low carbon are major issues encountered in the course of China's economic development. In view of this, Hitachi Elevator actively promotes green and low-carbon approaches in its business operation, from production management to daily office work, in order to facilitate achievement of the "Dual Carbon" goals.

  • 36%

    Carbon neutrality(CO₂emissions)

  • 65%

    Reduced water consumption per unit

  • 67.8

    Reduced waste per unit

  • 95.1

    Reduced VOC emissions per unit

* The decrease is on a year-on-year basis (2010 or the year after foundation of the company)

* CO₂ conversion factor: Estimated value given by Hitachi Group

* Data statistics are as of December 2022

Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050

In 2016, Hitachi Group established and promoted its long-term environment targets called "Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050". In 2020, with the announcement that "we will achieve carbon neutrality in production activities within Hitachi Group by 2030, and then achieve 'carbon neutrality across the value chain' from supplier-side procurement to customer-side use ; by 2050", we began to set our carbon-neutrality targets and map out our pathways to emission reduction.

From "Green Factory" to "Green Supply Chain"

Based on our supply chain green management system, Hitachi Elevator is devoted to building a closed loop chain covering the entire lifecycle of products, from product design, raw material procurement, to transportation, storage, sales, use, scrap and disposal, aimed at promoting environmental protection and resource conservation.

- Awards -

National Green Factory | National Green Supply Chain | Industrial Product Green Design Demonstration Enterprise | Guangdong Cleaner Production Enterprise | Guangzhou Excellent Cleaner Production Enterprise | Guangdong-Hongkong Excellent Cleaner Production Partner


  • Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Factory

    Efficient wastewater recycling

    Carry out various environmental protection activities, such as wastewater recycling and high-efficiency lighting.

  • Hitachi Elevator Motor (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

    High-efficiency lighting and efficient wastewater recycling

    Recycle production wastewater and use LED lamps in the whole company.

    Selected as a national green factory due to Hitachi Elevators 5+2 manufacturing system

  • Hitachi Elevator (Guangzhou) Escalator Co., Ltd.

    High energy utilization, use of renewable energy and high-efficiency lighting, and efficient wastewater recycling

    Purify wastewater generated in the painting process and reuse it for plant irrigation and road cleaning.

  • Hitachi Building Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

    High-efficiency lighting

    Use LED high-efficiency lighting in all production workshops.


  • Hitachi Elevator (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

    Efficient wastewater recycling

    Implement wastewater recycling.


  • Hitachi Elevator (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Efficient wastewater recycling

    Introduce advanced water recycling equipment to recycle all industrial wastewater, and establish a resource-saving production system.


  • Hitachi Elevator (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

    High-efficiency lighting

    Use a total of 3,000 LED lamps in production workshops, offices, canteen and roads in the factory.


For sustainable growth and added social value, it is important to meet various expectations of the society. We not only make innovations according to social needs, but also actively promote construction of livelihood projects, as well as engage in and develop communities related to our business.

  • 158

    158 Cities that held safe elevator safety activities

  • RMB 2.7Million

    RMB 2.7 Million Donated by Hitachi Elevator for the "Golden Autumn Student Assistance Program

  • 2800+

    Elevator safety activities

  • 2000++

    Students with dreams who have been sponsored to enter universities

  • 2207

    Voluntary service activities

* Data statistics are as of December 2022

"Small action Big difference" Environmental Protection Public Service Campaign

Protecting the limited resources and environment on our planet is the premise of ensuring sustainable development of enterprises and society. To "leave the earth with a better environment for our future generations", Hitachi Elevator takes initiative to organize and participate in various environmental protection activities."Small action Big difference" is a campaign and initiative launched by Hitachi Elevator to advocate the life concept of making big differences to the environment with small actions.

"Take Elevator Safely, Travel with Happiness" Public Service Program

Hitachi Elevator actively promotes practices and etiquette related with safe and civilized elevator rides, while helps the public improve their elevator safety awareness and elevator rescue knowledge through a variety of ground promotion and publicity activities.As a pioneer of educating elevator safety in China, Hitachi Elevator launched the "Elevator Safety" public education program in 2008. By cooperating with governments, partners, social organizations, etc., we have held various elevator safety education activities to prevent dangerous behaviors when using elevators, and raise elevator safety awareness of the public.

Golden Autumn Student Assistance Program

Since 2006, Hitachi Elevator and Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions have made joint efforts to promote the Golden Autumn Student Aid Program, aiming to help children of needy employees in Guangzhou who suffer from diseases, disabilities, and loss of family labor to get out of predicaments.

"Friend for Companionship, Love for Sunrise" Public Education Program

Hitachi Elevator has been actively participating in public welfare and charity for a long time, and supporting rapid development of educational undertakings. By providing materials and funds to schools and needy students' families on a regular basis, we are committed to helping disadvantaged students gain access to equitable, high-quality educational resources. To fulfill our social responsibilities, Hitachi Elevator Volunteer Association has worked with various social volunteer service agencies and local social support teams on a regular basis to organize a variety of activities such as student assistance, book donations, fun classes, provision of materials and funds to a number of schools.

Organization Management

To promote the corporate culture of morality and fairness in daily operations, Hitachi Elevator is committed to establishing a legal, sound and transparent corporate governance system. By actively undertaking responsibility as a corporate citizen, continuously enhancing employees' awareness of corporate regulations and values, and taking comprehensive risk mitigation measures, Hitachi Elevator is able to provide reliable products and services, create sustainable social values, and offer employees a large and diverse development platform, thus providing necessary human resources to support sustainable development of the company.

  • 100%

    E-learning Completion rate of E-learning compliance education

  • 1500+

    Valid patents

* Data statistics are as of December 2022

Ethics and Compliance

Achieve stable and long-term development through compliant operation

"While starting from the heart, ensure all employees abide by the law, integrate compliance awareness into our daily work, enhance risk prediction and forecasting capability, always implement the compliance system of pre-event prevention, in-event control, and post-event handling to achieve stable and long-term development of the company."

——Jia Yuhui, President of Hitachi Elevator

Adhering to "baseline and right way" to ensure business compliance
Implementing intellectual property protection and accumulate intellectual property assets
Protecting data security and strengthen the foundation of data security
Winning by quality and strengthen the foundation of quality assurance system

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Creating a people-centered and happiness-oriented workplace

Providing fair and diverse recruitment opportunities
Occupational health and safety
Developing employees' potential through a diverse training system
Facilitating school-enterprise cooperation to cultivate multidisciplinary talents

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