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Selecting Home Elevators Problems You May Face

Villas with limited civil engineering conditions - how to arrange the elevator reasonably?

Tedious installation process - how to implement proper process management?

Close association with life scenarios - how to minimize noise during operation?

Frequent use by family members in daily life - how to ensure privacy and safety?

Personalized home decoration style - how to harmonize and unify elevator design?

Luxury · Suitable for Villas

Enjoying adaptive convenience

Flexible space · Free layout: Flexible and diverse layout design meets various indoor and outdoor application requirements without worry of architectural structure or environmental constraints.
Ultimate design · No inch wasted: Floor area is reduced by approx. 15% compared with conventional passenger elevators of the class; pit depth is reduced by 40% while meeting applicable safety standards.
Perfect match · No modification required: Hitachi home elevators are compatible with 220V household power supply, without requiring additional transformer cabinets or circuit modifications.

  • Adaptive to different scenarios

  • Inheriting Hitachi classic design

Ease · VIP Service
Enjoying effortless privilege

Sit back · Get everything done easily: From preliminary planning consultation, to professional installation, to daily after-sales maintenance, you can just choose Hitachi to enjoy our whole-process privileged services.
Exclusive services · Enjoy your ease: Our professional sales engineers provide you with one-on-one explanations, answering questions and solving doubts, so you can purchase our products and rest assured.

  • Whole-process privileged services

Considerateness · Comfort and Quiet

Enjoying silent care

Energy saving and noise reduction · Peaceful sleep: The noise reduction design of the elevator allows you to enjoy a quiet life at home. Thanks to the automatic energy-saving standby mode, only 2 kWh of electricity is required for normal use every day.
Fresh air · Clean like a breeze: Through the original imported water ion generator, combined with the air circulation and purification system, a fresh and healthy environment is always maintained in the car.

  • Comfortable and silent design

  • Enjoy quiet sleep

Maximum · Safety

Enjoying worry-free protection

Light curtain protection · Zero-sense access: The door system is equipped with non-contact light curtain protection to prevent you and your family from being caught accidentally when entering or exiting the elevator.
Emergency intelligence · No worries about power failure: When power fails, emergency lighting in the car will be automatically activated, and the car will move to the nearest flat floor at a low speed, and open the door to release passengers.
One-button call for help · Safety ensured: In case of an emergency such as a trapped elevator, you can call multiple parties for help by pressing the emergency call button in the elevator to ensure your safety in time.
Pre-diagnosis · Real-time protection: Hitachi ELECLOUD® Cloud Service Center is able to provide 24h service to protect you and your family around the clock.

  • Zero-sense access

  • no worries about power failure

  • no fear of trapped elevator


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Aesthetics · Customized

Enjoying chic and versatile styles

Highlighting the "demure beauty" in your home environment

Hitachi has designed 12 car models under the three series of "Chen", "He" and "Ting"

which are configured with Hitachi's unique iconic characters and glass touch screen

presenting a refined and delicate look and feel.

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