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Cruising the long river of civilization shining with sparks of glory, witnessing ebullient players sweating profusely in the stadium - a venue is like a mirror of the soul, reflecting the development track and spiritual imprint of its city. The realm of "riding in it, but forgetting its existence" is our pursuit. Based on a human-friendly design concept, Hitachi Elevator is committed to providing a perfect mobility experience even for every person who goes only for research, study, travel or play.

Challenges Your Project May Encounter

Requiring more human-friendly product design to facilitate access of the disabled

Requiring higher performance of elevators due to frequent access of large and heavy-duty equipment during exhibition arrangements and other activities

Requiring implementation of sound communication management mechanisms, professional construction technology and quality control during construction

Requiring healthy and safe space in elevators due to dense crowds packed in enclosed public places

Requiring better service coordination to meet larger demands for elevators at nodes such as events and performances

We Can OfferProducts and solutions

Technology is human-friendly
Protect more passengers with leading-edge technology

Ergonomic Barrier-free Design

Barrier-free configuration, multilingual broadcasting, visually-impaired-friendly fonts and other thoughtful visualization designs, fully catering to users' diverse mobility needs

10T High Quality Cargo Elevators

Leading expertise and quality management, perfect combination of green, safe and efficient technologies, fully meeting transportation needs for high-end international conferences and exhibitions

Healthy Elevator System

Hitachi anti-bacterial buttons, UV sterilization system, handrails with UV sterilization, remote elevator call and other technologies, creating a whole-process purified and disinfected space.

We Can OfferService Solutions

Service is based on professionalism Escorting large-scale projects with our premium services

Premium Installation Team Services

Elite team service
Schedule planning service
Leading construction method service

Premium Maintenance Team Service

Expert on-site service at important nodes
Industry-leading remote monitoring system
Multi-level spare parts supply system


National Speed Skating Oval
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China National Convention CenterⅡ
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