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Exquisite luxury and comfort in every inch of a hotel is carefully crafted to help each guest experience a memorable journey of "traveling far and relaxing in mind";
Thanks to rich experience in serving hundreds of top international hotels in China, Hitachi Elevator has established its own systematic hotel project management mechanism, which is committed to creating a distinguished ride experience based on customized product design and butler service concept.


Coverage of Top 10 International Hotel Groups


Famous Hotel Service Projects

Challenges Your Project May Encounter

Requiring high-end customized car design considering pursuit of the ultimate quality for your project

Requiring provision of a safe and private experience due to passengers' higher requirements for privacy

Requiring better service coordination and faster response to meet greater demands for elevators at special nodes

We Can OfferProducts And Solutions

  • Infinite Aesthetics

    Aesthetic car interior design seamlessly blends into the hotel environment.

  • Human-friendly Design

    Rest functions are configured to create a comfortable and relaxing space for guests.

  • Added Value

    High-end quality continuously empowers your project and adds long-term value.

  • Mobile Authentication Scheme

    Supporting non-contact elevator ride and elevator pre-call to improve privacy and efficiency.

  • Robot Elevator Riding Scheme

    One of the first elevator manufacturers in the industry that makes elevators accessible for robots to provide safe and smart delivery services.

  • Healthy Elevator System

    The industry's first whole-process purification and disinfection system for elevators, provides guests with a clean and healthy elevator space.

We Can OfferService Solutions

Securing your safety with our expertise Providing higher flexibility for safe elevator rides

Hitachi Elevator Star Maintenance Service

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  • 24h Rapid Response

    24/7 support to ensure rapid response within 30min

  • Worry-free Maintenance Service

    Customized maintenance plan to improve passenger experience

  • Important Moment Service

    High response to demands at important nodes to guarantee safe use of elevators


Rosewood Sanya
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InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland - Intercontinental Hotel & Resorts
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