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Elevators with industry-leading OEM maintenance


provinces and cities in China covered by Hitachi

Elevator Maintenance - Challenges You May Encounter

Can the maintenance team help prolong service life of the elevator with its competent technical and service capability?

Can elevator problems that may be encountered during operation, be checked in advance to take preventive measures?

Can immediate response and provision of a reasonable troubleshooting plan be ensured in case of elevator failure?

Does the replacement of spare parts, or overhaul or modernization require long-term shutdown of the elevator, thereby affecting its normal operation?

Why Hitachi ElevatorOEM Service

Highly-recognized Premium Service

Escorting for Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing Winter Olympics, Guangzhou Asian Games, Hangzhou Asian Games, Liaoning Paralympic Games, Hangzhou G20 Summit and other major events.

  • 730,000+

    Elevators with industry-leading OEM maintenance

  • 60+

    Maintenance IoTs jointly built with local governments and property management groups

  • 180,000+

    Premium service projects in China

Band-type brake disassembly and maintenance video

Maximum 10-year OEM Warranty

Full-life-cycle OEM maintenance service is applicable to a variety of maintenance scenarios.

  • 6

    6 key components provided with OEM maintenance

  • 4

    4-year warranty for ideal choice

  • 3

    3 purchase stages allowing flexible participation

Half-hour Service Circle for Efficient Handling

Thanks to the positioning function, the ELECLOUD® Cloud-Based Service Center is able to dispatch personnel nearby for response, analysis and on-site operations within 30min*. Relying on a multi-level spare parts supply network, distance with customers is shortened and rapid supply of spare parts is guaranteed.
* Except for special circumstances

  • 90+

    Branches all over China

  • 100%

    provinces and cities in China covered by Hitachi

  • Multi-level

    Spare parts supply network

Half-hour Service Circle

Industry-renowned National Talent Cultivation System

Four maintenance engineer training bases are established, respectively, covering the east, south, west and north regions of China, which are renowned for their industry-leading teaching scale and facilities, continuously provide a large number of qualified maintenance technicians to Hitachi Elevator's branches in China every year.

  • 10,000+

    Trained maintenance engineers in total

  • 1+1

    General skills + special skills training system

  • 4

    Training bases in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chengdu

AI-based Pre-diagnosis for Prolonged Elevator Service Life

The ELECLOUD® Big Data System is able to monitor operating conditions of relative parts in real time and carry out AI-based pre-diagnosis. Based on test results, maintenance engineers can provide professional advice on maintenance, replacement of parts, renewal and modernization to prevent problems before they happen.

  • 60+

    data categories

  • 300+

    data monitoring points

  • 600+

    AI-based pre-diagnosis technologies

For elevator renewal and modernization, Hitachi is always your choice!

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  • 60+

    IoTs jointly established with governments and property companies

  • 500+

    data connections with property customers

  • 30%↑

    Units per capita *Prediction of on-demand maintenance effect


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