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Hitachi Elevator upholds the talent concept of respect, inclusiveness and common growth.We strive to create a talent-friendly environment, establish a talent development mechanism, provide systematic support and input all necessary resources to accelerate growth of talents. In order to promote growth and development of employees, we have established a comprehensive career development system, and provide multiple career promotion channels (e.g., according to administrative, professional/technical and operational skills) for different positions covering employees in various disciplines and specialties. Meanwhile, employees are also allowed "transverse development" among different channels, where applicable.
The company has established sophisticated employee career development systems, including the CNNC-related talent management system, professional and technical skills evaluation system, senior skilled talents assessment system, cadre selection and appointment management system, which are interrelated and complement each other.


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Adhering to the people-oriented principle, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. provides employees with competitive salaries, favorable welfares, adequate training and enormous development opportunities.Welcome to join us through our nationwide vacancies open to the society!Click for detailed recruitment information!

Social Recruitment

(Subject to specific local recruitment processes)

Sun-Rise Program

In 2013, Hitachi Elevator initiated the Sun-Rise Program - a multidisciplinary talent training project, which is led by the company's Human Resources Department, and supported with a training system designed jointly by the Training Center and various business departments. Based on centralized off-the-job training in small groups, through joint efforts of designated head teachers, business mentors and project-specific team members, the Sun-Rise Program covers comprehensive training modules such as orientation psychological counseling, learning and practice of large technical system business processes, on-site learning and practice in workshops and construction fields, awareness of team spirit and improving summarization and inductive ability enhancement, aiming to help our talent pool not only adjust their mentality to adapt to the company faster, but also develop basic work skills, work thinking based on a large technical system, as well as multidisciplinary skills combined with a global vision and innovative capability.

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