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Craftsmanship Installation Services

Combining professional installation with standardized management, Hitachi Elevator sets the benchmark for craftsmanship level installation by building a full-link high-quality management and control system, including a senior "large installation" team, holistic schedule planning, visualized and refined installation process, high-end international installation patrol inspection to operation and commissioning.


Hitachi elevators installed

Industry Pioneer

Large installation management mode

Installation of Your Project - Challenges You may Encounter

Requiring earlier delivery of elevators due to tight construction period

Requiring refined implementation programs due to undetermined approval application time

Requiring flexible and precise construction techniques for high-quality projects

Requiring combination of safety and efficiency due to limited working space

We Can Offer Service Solutions

Holistic schedule planning and refined time management

Professional Schedule Planner

Optimal day-to-day installation plans are made by using the BIM system and Hitachi time management tools and taking overall and local aspects into consideration.

ELECLOUD Mobile Device

Team members are allowed to access installation plans, parts progress, installation critical points and process specifications in real time via dedicated devices.

International experts and senior elite service team

Premium Installation Team

The project manager has more than 20 years on-site management experience, and all members of the installation team have accumulated experience in serving key projects.

International Patrol Inspection Mechanism

The International Patrol Inspection Team, which is established on a regular basis and consists of Chinese and foreign construction experts, is responsible for conducting on-site supervision and ensuring the quality of concerned projects.

Setting the "Gold Standards" for construction of high-quality projects

Shaft Installation Conditions Monitoring

Using dedicated equipment to monitor shaft swing and expansion, building daylight temperature, etc., to accurately determine the most suitable installation conditions

Laser Track Alignment Technology

Using our self-developed laser alignment instrument to improve construction efficiency by 50% and ensure a 100% pass rate for one-time alignment

Comfort Tuning Technology

Using an elevator running vibration detector to enable real-time monitoring and dynamic adjustment of micro-motions, ensuring industry-leading comfort, which far exceeds Chinese standards

Ensuring all-around coordination with delivery plans by using flexible and dynamic installation methods

Mobile Construction Platform

Integrated with innovative mobile construction platforms to ensure high adaptivity to various installation scenarios ranging from low-rise, high-rise, super-high-rise application to full-section application

Section-based Installation Method

Implementing partitioned construction before the building is capped, in order to ensure the earliest delivery time of the elevator, and truly realize synchronous growth with the building

Anti-risk Construction Protective Layer Technology

Using Hitachi Elevator's unique construction protection technology to prevent falling objects, rain and other disturbances, and achieve safe and efficient installation

Intersection Docking Correction Technology

Ensuring deviation of multi-section track installation is less than 0.5 mm, even when multiple sections are constructed at the same time


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